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Conchito Garcia is the CEO of the Quaramonte Mining Corporation and an ally for George Stobbart and Nicole Collard over the course of Broken Sword II: The Smoking Mirror.


Conchita comes across as a very serious and no-nonsense type of person. While she is very direct and does not concern herself with half-baked suspicions, she also won't act recklessly, e.g. even if she's suspicious about the activities in Quaramonte City, she won't lend George and Nico any help until they give her a very good reason.

Though generally a reasonable woman, Conchita seems to have a very dominant and dismissive attitude against men. When George Stobbart and Nico Collard first enter the Quaramonte Mining Corporation in Quaramonte City, Conchita promptly approaches Nico as the more serious business partner. She is dismissing George completely until Nico presents George as an assistent and asks her to answer his questions. She rather prefers to talk with Nico, calling her "lady" and George "chico", which is spanish for "boy", therefore treating only Nico as a serious adult. Also, all of her sub-ordinates in the company are male and portrayed as rather submissive. This has also quite sexual under-tones: When George asks one of the workers why he doesn't wears any trousers, those worker admits that he take it off due after Conchita suggested it.

During their conversation about the mine, Conchita expresses her strict belief that the accident in question actually wasn't an accident, but sabotage and that someone wanted her to close the mine down. After hearing about the collaboration of Professor Bertrand Oubier and General Raoul Grasiento, she gets very suspicious. When it is revealed, that the target of Oubier's expidition is in Téoculcan - the site of her mine - she finally decides to act. Knowing about the subversive activities of Miguel around the mine, she orders George to free Miguel from prison, giving him a detonator for this ordeal.

Conchita doesn not appear anywhere further in the game, but when Nico returns from London, she mentions how George left a message for her with Conchita to join in the native village.