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Colonel Butley is former British solider who lives in Glastonbury with his daughter Melissa Butley.


He is a tall, muscular man with sharp mustache. Colonel Butely is extremely protective of his daughter and worries about her. Melissa describes her father's behaviour as "frothing pitbull terrior type of pussy cat". The colonel is stubborn, short-tempered and more likely to beat someone by shooting using his beloved double-barrled shotgun, Purdy. He doesn't go along with other people especially his wife, as evidenced that he wanted to bet his wife or dog to find answers. Deep inside, he cares about her daughter and as George describe to him "without a regiment behind, he looked kinda lonely".

Broken Sword: The Sleeping Dragon[]

George encounters the colonel when he is looking for his daughter Melissa and explains to him that she attended the Glastonbury festival without his permission. George suggest that he should contact the police but Colonel Butley told him that Melissa called him saying she wouldn't be coming home, he notice that she called him from a Glastonbury number and realize that's she hiding somewhere in Glastonbury.

Thanks to Eamon O'Mara, he found out she's been staying with Tristram Hillage. He then threatens to shoot him with his double-barreled shotgun. But Melissa beg him not too.

He is later seen with Melissa in front of The Glastonbury Local Pub thanking George for saving Melissa from Tristram and told him that Melissa is now a waitress at the pub.


  • "A yank, eh? Colonel Butley, Rutland Lancers, third battalion, retired."
  • "Can take the fella out of the army, can't take the army out of the fella eh?"
  • "Take my little Lissy, would you? I'm going to kill you - you blighter!"