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Claude is the owner of the La Risée du Monde Costume Shop. He is described as having a sad, spoon-shaped face.

He serves people who rent clown costumes (30 per week) and theatrical greasepaints (sold 2 cans of Bestheimer's 7). Khan rented two costumes: Bozo the Clown and Seamus the Pixie..

George Stobbard seeks information about the clown murderer of Plantard but Claude is unable to help him without seeing a photograph.

He discovers that Khan bought a clown costume from Claude's costume store with the help of Nicole Collard. Claude explains to George that he did sold the clown costume to Khan along with other different costume, Claude stated that Khan purchase the costume under a different name. Claude is an important character in the game because he reveals that Khan bought his costumes in his store.


Claude's dialogue will be a bit different depending on whether George shows first the photograph and asks for the clown later, or the opposite.


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La Risée du Monde Costume Shop