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Lady Clarissa Piermont is an English aristocrat who is met in the Hotel Ubu in Paris, France .

George Stobbart compares her to British figures like Boadicea, Elizabeth I and Margaret Thatcher. She traces her ancestry back to the Normans. Hailing from Hemel Hempstead, she knew the local pharmacist Kevin Khan who organizes fund raising for the Rotarians. She hadn't enjoyed herself much since Greenham Common.

After the death of her husband, Algy Piermont, who she didn't have much affection for, Daphne suggested to go to Paris. Hoping for romance, she was just wooed by drunken Breton chef who made a disappointing coq au vin. One night she felt she fell in love again meeting Thomas Moerlin but it she felt like she was bertrayed by him.

The next day she is seen playing a Steinway piano in the hotel reception. She gets an instant liking to George (as she had a stableboy named George), and explaining that he is after Moerlin, she eagerly helps him to get a hotel key from the uncooperative clerk, and then the manuscript.

While referred to as simply Lady Piermont in the first game, it was revealed that her name is Clarrisa by her niece Melissa Butley, although she did not appear in the game herself. 

Lady Piermont appears in Mr. Hobbs' Studio to volunteer as a model for his paintings. She tells George that she's now doing her charity work and community service in disciplining young male delinquents.


  • The name "Clarissa" is derived from the German name "Clarice" from Latin "Clarus" meaning "brilliant" or "famous" (which would fit her high status life and posh attitude).
  • "Piermont" may derived from two surnames "Pier" (from the name "Peter" and usually found in medieval England) and "Mont" (a surname in French origin meaning "mount").
  • Lady Piermont shares her name with Mrs. Daniele Piermont in Revolution's other successful game Beneath a Steel Sky. She addresses the clerk in the hotel as "Spunky", Mrs. Piermont calls her dog Spunky in Beneath a Steel Sky.
  • Hazel Ellerby who voiced Lady Piermont also voiced Nicole Collard and nurse Grendel.
  • It is revealed in Broken Sword: The Sleeping Dragon that Melissa Butley and Colonel Butley are related to Lady Piermont and they are her neice and brother or brother-in-law respectively.
  • Game creator Charles Cecil has revealed that Lady Piermont will be making an appearance in Broken Sword 5: The Serpent's Curse.