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"Mon Dieu! A Jongleur is an artiste, a master of the contra-gravitic, aero-balletic mysteries".

Chuckles is a juggler who distracts a crowd of tourists in Montfauçon square.


Chuckles has a very condescending, taunting attitude towards George Stobbart and a very high opinion on his own profession. He is also very vain, challenging George to a juggling contest and mocking him for the failure. For a supposed jokester, he does not show a very good sense of humour, especially when George has a surprising success with the audience.

Chuckles shows his tricks in front of the Café Montfauçon, standing directly above the manhole George has to go down.

When asked about his juggling, Chuckles boasts about the grandness of his art and its connections with medieval court jester, who were supposedly wise and respected men that served their masters in time of highest need. Earning some mockery from George, he challenges the tourist to a juggling contest, with the audience judging who would be more entertaining.

At first, George does not succeed. But with a little advice from the Gendarme and the help of his little red nose, the American tourist becomes darling of the crowd, much to Chuckles' dismay. The jongleur takes his balls and leaves without a word, only letting one red ball behind.