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Chamber of the Sword
Country England
City Glastonbury
Appearance Broken Sword: The Sleeping Dragon

The Chamber of the Sword is the final resting place of King Arthur and the sword Excalibur. It is located underground in Glastonbury Tor.

Broken Sword: The Sleeping Dragon[]

According to Tristram Hillage, legend says that Glastonbury is known for burial place of King Arthur and his wife Queen Guinevere, as well as a secret hiding place for the legendary sword Excalibur. Eamon O'Mara also claims that the faeries lived there to protect the sword, but he doesn't believe about that tale and thinks it's only a legend.

Returning to Glastonbury at the second time, George Stobbart and Nicole Collard rushes to Glastonbury Tor to catch up Petra and Grand Master before they receive the Dragon Power. While Nico accepts Petra's challenge on hand-to-hand combat, George rushes through the Tor and finds the Grand Master waiting. George warns the Grand Master that the power will cause to kill everyone, but the Grandmaster only thinks his power and immortality. As a result, the Grand Master transforms horribly into a dragon. Before the dragon emerges it's final form, the creature itself makes an earthquake causing to destroy the Tor and then George fall into pit.

Luckily, George is miracuosly transported to the mysterious tomb. He discovers a preserved king laid in the middle and the Excalibur stuck on the stone. George manages to activate stone pillar using the Key of Solomon. Before he touches the sword, he hears a voice from Preceptor "Arise, Sir George!" and then pulls the sword easily. The light from above shines again to transport George back at the Tor.


  • George: [referring to the knight] "Perhaps being a knight wasn't such a good career move after all."
  • George [examining the slot on the stone]: "There was an impression in the stone plinth that held the sword. It was the same shape as the Key of Solomon."
  • George: [referring to the Excalibur] "A great two-handed sword protruded on the stone plinth. Suddenly, I was ten years old again, caught up the legend of King Arthur."
  • George [after putting the Key of Solomon in to the slot]: "Earth energy played across the surface of Key of Solomon and the plinth. The sword glowed as though filled with the same energy."