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"She was an opportunist tramp. Well that's what i heard"
"Have you seen any of her films?"
"Only one. Believe me - I was appalled, shocked, disgusted and repulsed!
-Glease and George about Carol

Carol Kleimachs (or the Little Dachshund) is a movie star and Professor Bertrand Oubier’s wife. She died in suspicious circumstances. They both shared a house in Paris, France.

According to common knowledge and rumors, Carol was shot dead by his husband. Her story does not interfere with the main plot of the game but ties loose knots.

Later in the story, Nicole Collard finds out that Karzac framed Professor Oubier by killing his wife. This way he made Oubier more susceptible of lending him a hand in find all the Mayan stones.


  • Carol and her husband used to go to the Café Montfauçon.
  • She was famous in France.