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Candice is Nicole Collard's colleague and one of the staff in La Liberté.


Judging the way she speaks with Nico, it seems that she's getting along with Nico at work.

During the investigation, Nico tells Candice via telephone that her meeting with the hacker is postponed. When Nico asks Candice about Vernon Blier, Candice says that Vernon is one of the best programmers in the field.

Two days later, Candice informs Nico that the editor is looking after Nico. Aside from that, she provides Nico some information about the location of L' Heiroglyphe and how it is condemned about five years ago.


  • Candice is one of the minor characters who is not seen by the player but can only heard her voice.
  • The name Candice is English in origin meaning "sparkling". The spelling of the name may have been influenced by the name Clarice, from the word clarita meaning "fame".