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Bull's Head Hill
Country Syria
City Marib
Appearance Broken Sword: The Shadow of the Templars
”Is most magnificent! Lovely views! Worth visiting, yes, by indeedity!”
- Ultar

Bull's Head Hill, as its name implies, is a big hill ten miles out of Marib Syria, maybe sixty. This is the location where a secret Knights Templar cave is found.

Broken Sword: The Shadow of the Templars[]

Thanks to Ultar, George Stobbart learns that Khan has been lurking around asking some questions about Klausner and our mighty hero. It is said that klausner was headed to Bull’s Head.

After hiring Ultar as his tour agent, George sets off to Bulls’ Head. A cave contemporary to the Templars is find atop the mountain. Where George discovers the dead body of Klausner, an ancient map crafted into stone and a Baphomet statue. Khan finds George, and intends to shoot him but he manages to distract him and jumps down the hill up to the top of Ultar’s truck, the canopy of the truck having broken his fall.


  • George recovers the lens described in the manuscript from searching the dead corpse of Klausner.
  • In the map crafted in stone reads: "In occidenta sita est, in ora mundi" (To the West, at the edge of the world). The Latin phrase are the words of Julius Caesar. He was describing the Island of Britain. To the Romans, the Mediterranean was the center of the universe. Britain was a remote, unfriendly place, inhabited by blue-painted savages.
  • During the last conversation with Khan, George can make a wrong move and get shot by him. This is called the “Death Scene” and there are a few of them along all the game. In the original game, if you didn’t save near the scene it gaves you the option to recover a save file if you have one. In the remastered version you just click continue and you are moments before the death.