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Brother Mark is a priest and Anna Maria Presa's neighbour. He wears purple rubber gloves and is constantly cleaning. He is also a big fan of fictional movie star Lucy Chu. Despite several hints throughout the game that Mark might be homosexual he is revealed to be straight leading up to the final confrontation under the Vatican. He calls the Mafia in to deal with the secret order and is shot in the chest in the ensuing firefight.


Mark is a Trainee for becoming a priest. He is very outgoing and sociable. Mark is fanatic of movies, especially action ones. He is methodical and doesn't like to break the rules, but for George Stobbart, Mark does everything even if that makes them get in trouble.


  • It appears that he is into Golf like George, since he knows what Bimatrix shaft is.
  • He lives on the apartment 07, where he has a picture frame with a cat near the door.
  • As a fanatic of movies, Mark likes titles like Fly Hard, Bad Ladz, The Bald Complacency, In Cold Blood.
  • He's a big fan of Lucy Chu (an obvious reference to Lucy Liu]).
  • According to him, his car was driven by Lucy Chu in a special DVD scene of In Cold Blood. Therefore he named it "Lucy".
  • If anything happens to Lucy (his car), he'll fall apart. Comes to pieces, Tiny tiny pieces.
  • He has studied Tai Chi, ju-jitsu, Korean kick-boxing. He knows the SAS handbook backwards.
  • He's watched every Bond movie ever made.
  • Mark can hold his breath underwater for two minutes from his training at the Vatican Diving Team Champion.
  • Thanks to Mark, George learns about the A Qualcuno Piace Caldo, in the old town. A clergy club.
  • Marks helps George defuse the bomb at Anna Maria's apartment by lending him his purple rubber gloves, which by the way, go with George's eyes.
  • After getting shot at the catacombs of The Monastery , Mark finds out that Vincenzo Spallacci loves Lucy Chu. They are setting up a big fan-site and sell her photos.


  • Brother Mark: "There's God, and then there's Lucy Chu".
  • George: "So why become a priest?".
 Brother Mark: "I abhor violence".
 George: "Of course".
  • Brother Mark: "Never trust a man who only washes once a year" (when talking about Archie Lonsdale)
  • George: "That photo of Lucy Chu - it's signed".
 Brother Mark: "What does it say?".
 George: "To my bigest Fan - May The Heavens Shine Upon You For Your Support - Love Lucy. Kiss, kiss, kiss".
 Brother Mark: "Kiss, kiss, kiss?".
 George: "Kiss, kiss, kiss".
 Brother Mark: "oh. I'm hot with envy".