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"What do you want!?"

Boris is one of Susarro's soldiers guarding the main gate in the castle.


Boris is an attentive person but he gets distracted by gorgeous women, such as Nicole Collard.

He is first appeared at the gate after George Stobbart pressed the buzzer. He tells George and Nico to get away at the castle and closes the gate. George asks Nico to distract the guard while he enters the gate. When Boris hears another buzz, he tells them to get off but he is greeted by Nico. Nico introduces herself as Helene and asks Boris to help fix the car. Boris tells her he cannot because of his job but he offers advice that the car doesn't have much problems and can be fixed.

If the player attempts to distract Boris for second and third time, Nico much to her disgust attempts to flirt Boris while Boris tells her that he is married. In the fourth time, Nico will be forced to kiss Boris which causes George to become jealous and makes fun of Nico for being in love with Boris.

If Nico who disguises herself as Petra meets Boris at the game, Nico will notice the stained lipstick on Boris' collar.


  • The name Boris comes from the Bulgar language witch meanings according to the different interpretations: "wolf", "short" or "snow leopard". Some support an Iranian theory about the origin of the Bulgar language derive "Bogoris" from the Iranian word "Bog", which could mean "Godlike".
  • The name Boris is a male name of Bulgarian origin. It is most widely represented in Russia and Belarus, less in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, CroatiaRepublic of Macedonia, Poland, Montenegro, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Ukraine.
  • That scene becomes canon in the fourth game. George and Nico remembers that incident during their visit in Anna Maria Presa's apartment. However, Nico tells George that her breath tasted like garlic instead of cabbage.