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“I glanced over the books, vaguely hoping to find a copy of "How To Deal With Poisonous Spiders While Tied To A Chair. No such luck”
“I wasn’t touching that spider goo”.
-George about the spider

Black Widow Spider is first seen at Professor Oubier's house in Paris, France. It is very poisonous and its bite leads certainly to an imminent death. This spider is big, mean and hairy, and definitely not native of Europe.

After Pablo kidnaps Nicole Collard and ties George Stobbart to a chair, he sets the room on fire and leaves a tiny box with this poisonous spider inside. George has to manage to save his life and save Nico.

This spider which is possibly from South or Central America, is essentially the first real enemy that George encounters after he regains consciousness. It will stalk George around the room until it is killed or in rare instances kills George by smothering him. As George is tied a chair he cannot simply stand on it as it moves away.

George sees that one corner of the bookcase behind him is supported by a loose block of wood, used to replace the original foot of the bookcase. With no seconds to wait, he pushes the loose block with his feet and the furniture falls immediately over the deadly spider.


  • There are only three things George doesn’t like about spiders. The way they look, the way they move, and the fact they live on the same planet as him.
  • In the original game, if you wait long enough before killing the spider it would jump over George’s face and kill him.
  • If George takes too long to deal with the spider, it will jump to his face and kill him. It it's called the Death Scene and there are a few of them along all the game. In the original game, if you didn’t save near the scene it gaves you the option to restore a save file if you have one. In the Director's Cut version you just click continue and you are moments before the death.


Oubier house 4

George's predicament