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Bail Bonds Office
George's Bail Bonds Office
Country USA
City New York City
Appearance Broken Sword: The Angel of Death
"Ah. 100 Watts of top quality audio heaven. Beats paying the rent any day".
-George about his hi-fi stereo equipment

After the events in Glastonbury, England a few years ago (see Broken Sword: The Sleeping Dragon), George Stobbart runs a Bail Bonds Office in New York City with his partner Virgil.

This is where Anna Maria Presa shows up for the first time in the story of Broken Sword: The Angel of Death and also the first place we visit in the game.


  • At the beginning of the game, we can see the real name of the Bail Bond Office, it is "Big Bros Bail Bonds". Under the name "Big Brother Bail Bonds", it appears to have lots of offices in California, Florida and Michigan, but not in New York...
  • At the beginning of the game, we can see pictures on the wall of George's desk. Later, when George and Anna Maria go back to the office, the pictures have changed.
  • George discovers a pack of italian cigarettes on his desk. Neither George nor Virgil smoke, and Anna Maria stated that she didn't. It'll lead to Fingers Martino.
  • On the map of New York City, the Bail Bonds Office is in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, but when Anna Maria takes George from the office to Alfonso's Hotel, she says they are going to Brooklyn (although on the map, the hotel is in Harlem, Manhattan). It's possible the two locations were erroneously swapped.