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“Precision and accuracy are everything”.
“Do you want this chew gum?”
“Madam I do not take bribes”.

-Navet and Nicole Collard

Inspector Auguste Navet is a homicide detective in Paris, France. He's in charge of investigating the murder of Henri Dubois in Le Lézard Bleu Art Gallery at the start of the game.


Unlike Inspector Augustin Rosso who's using his "psychic powers" to conduct investigations, Navet uses scientific facts and invent machines to find clues. He prefers biological evidence to the merely circumstantial. Body parts, blood. Important things.

However, Navet is judgemental and often jumps into conlusion even though the accused shows valid evidences. He usually raise his pointer finger to declare his findigs to the witnesses.

Broken Sword: The Serpent's Curse[]

George Stobbart first meets Navet after the incidents occurred in the Gallery exhibition. Henri, the owner, is killed in the hands of a stranger who was trying to steal a famous painting, La Maledicció.

Later in the story, in the crime reconstruction, Navet presents “The Machine” used allegedly to analyze cases based on bloodstains from the crime scene. In this case, he doesn’t know that the bloodstain he plans to analyze is in fact remains of a Hawaiian sauce coming from a fallen slice of pizza.

His last scene from this first episode of the game locates him in Vera Security. He surprises George while he is holding the gun used in the gallery shooting. Navet arrests him and put George into prison, though it only lasted a day.


  • Auguste is the french name from Latin "Augustus", which means "great" or "venerable". It was the title given to Octavian, the first Roman emperor.
  • His name is alluded to Inspector Rosso in the first game. Unlike Rosso who's into "psychic powers", Navet prefers scientific approach to conduct investigation.
  • Navet claims that he solved crimes around three times.
  • In french, the word "navet" means "turnip", a root vegetable. It can also be used to describe a really bad movie, which is probably why this name was chosen, due to his terrible methods.