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"The Right Honorable The Viscount Lonsdale. But you can call me Lord Lonsdale".
- Archie to George

Archie Lonsdale is a homeless man who lives outside Anna-Maria's apartment.

He is later seen next to the Monastery of the Order of St. Michael entrance.

Broken Sword: The Angel of Death[]

He came from England to write an encyclopaedia about alcohol, named "Tipples Round the Globe".

"What a girl. Face of an angel and the body of a Valkyrie Warrior Maiden".
-Archie about Nicole

He is easily distracted by beautiful women, such as Nicole Collard.

He is said to have a secret stash of booze, which turns out the be the Vatican wine-cellar, where Archie saves George and Anna-Maria by knocking out an evil monk with a wine bottle.


  • He never calls George by his name, always uses another.
  • Nico reminds Archie to his wife.
  • He got drunk, ran off with a nurse and opened a bar in Palermo.
  • Archie is 148th in line to the throne of England (He thinks).
  • A few years back he was doing his party trick on the streets of Paris. Uncle Archy, The Juggling Clown.
  • Archie never went to school.