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"My workmate, Alphonse is snoring up a storm in the cab of my truck".
"Why isn't he helping you?"
"Medical exemption".
"He's got a piece of paper from his doctor saying he's clinically seismophobic".
"He's afraid of earthquakes?"
"Just so, m'sieur".
"And you believe it?"
"You Can't argue with piece of paper - can you..."
-Flobbage and George about Alphonse

Alphonse, is a lazy construction worker who is under the employ of Flobbage during the latters contracted work in Montfauçon.


Alphonse has a piece of paper from his doctor that is a clinically seismophobic and can not work in earthquake areas.

George scare off Alphonse

George scare off Alphonse

George Stobbart used a rope and sewer key that is tied up to a Flobbage's truck , and trick Alphonse that is a earthquake happening right now. Alphonse put the truck in gear and strorm off, much to amusement of Flobbage.