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Alfonso's Hotel
Alfonso's Hotel 4
Country USA
City New York City
Appearance Broken Sword: The Angel of Death

Alfonso's Hotel though advertised online as a five-star affair is in fact (to the disappointment of Thelwell Minster) an under-managed establishments, lacking working toilets, functional soda- or cigarrette-machines and being infested by Death Watch Beetles. It is run by Alfonso.


  • George: "What a hotel! So busy and yet so charmingly quite. A triumph" (Sarcastic tone)
  • George: "A large pair of security doors - with toughened glass. Must be there to stop the guests escaping".


  • The web declared it to be a boutique-hotel-gem the like of which Phillippe Starck himself would be proud. But in fact, it is a rat-infested, urine-stained, hell-hole. In which you fully expect you shall be mugged, held to ransom or even.. something you don't even bear to think about.
  • The hotel staff are only Alfonso (The Manager) and Juanita (Receptionist/Cleaning).
  • It's been on Alfonso's family for generations.
  • The security measures are pretty impressive.
  • Before Anna Maria takes George to the hotel, she says it's in Brooklyn, but on the city map it's somewhere in Harlem, Manhattan. It's possible the locations on the map of the Hotel and the Bail Bonds Office were mixed up by mistake.