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"You are all charm".
"You gotta be in my game, pal".
-George and Alfonso

Alfonso, is the owner of the Alfonso's Hotel in New York City which is the area where Anna-Maria Presa is staying whilst she conducts her mysterious business.


The owner of the hotel where Anna-Maria is staying. Speaks with low, gravely voice and a distinct Brooklyn accent. His hotel though advertised online as a five-star affair is in fact (to the disappointment of Mr. Minster) an under-managed establishments, lacking working toilets, functional soda- or cigarrette-machines and being infested by Death Watch Beetles. Alfonso himself is a chronic smoker and his receptionist's booth has a layer of smoke covering the ceiling. His sole employee is Juanita the maid. Despite the pathetic conditions of his hotel Alfonso cares enough for the security of his guests to have actually installed card-locked doors for the staircase leading up to the rooms.


  • He's been smoking for the last 30 years. If you have a problem with him smoking on an enclosed public space, then you should leave and never come back.
  • He is stressed due to the fact his receptionist suddenly dissapeared from her duties
  • Alfonso says that he intends to trade his antique grandfather clock for a condo in Florida once he retires.
  • His golden lighter is the only thing he has left to remember his father by who according to him died in a gas-explosion.