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The Aeroplane area is a location searched in the fan based game Broken Sword 2.5: The Return of the Templars.

Role In The Game[]

The Aeroplane area is a section of the game towards the end. The plane itself has two areas. The first is the area that you start in and the bathroom area where an important conversation takes place.

It is also one of the areas where George can be killed, as one of the stewardess' gives George a spiked pink drink, which poisons and kills him, but only if he accepts the drink.

Characters Encountered[]

Plane Stewardess

Christophe Brai

Old Male Passenger


Unnamed Dietician

Items Obtained[]

Can Of Coke

Piece Of Metal From Coke Can

Bent Piece Of Metal

4 Wines

Brai's Euros

Brai's Wallet

Photograph of Brai and Xi Hang

Brai's Symbol


The aeroplane is a unique area, as earlier in the game, you would see a plane landing but no sequence aboard it.