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"It's Adam".
"My neighbour".
"Ah. The pug-lover with the trashed apartment".
-Nico and George about Adam

Adam is Nicole Collard’s neighbor. He lives in the apartment next door and leaves his apartment in her care so that he can go to a coin fair, asking only that she water his flowers.

George Stobbart first meets Adam in Fleur’s flower shop while trying to sneak past Sergeant Moue, as he searches for the murderer of Father Simeon.

"You're giving me flowers?"
"Someone should have them before they wilt".
"Hey, maybe I could give them to Nico!"
"Oh. Wow, uh - I just remembered. I really need them".
-George and Addam

Through conversation George learns that Adam is a coin collector and has been away for a week to go to an exhibition. George carefully avoids the topic of Adam's apartment, which has been ruined and offers Adam the coin he found in Medovsky's office. The coin excites Adam as it is a rare find and he hurries off to get it evaluated by a friend, Stefan, accidentally leaving his CD player behind. George then uses Adam's 'Sounds of the Ocean' disk in Fleur's machine and the sounds from the speakers, as well as a urinating ornament, cause Sergeant Moue to vacate his post to relieve himself.

Using this distraction, George and Nico escape the police for a second time and head off to chase up more leads.


  • The character of Adam is based on one of the backers from the Kickstarter Campaign. Revolution Software created a random draw between all the users that helped fund the game and two lucky people had their likeness' used.
  • Adam seemingly prefers the taste of cola to the taste of Whiskey (from Hobbs' Studio), as when George offers him a drink he refuses.
  • Adam has a girlfriend (although sports a wedding ring).
  • When entering Adam’s apartment, Nico realizes she has totally forgotten to water his plants.
  • Later in the story, George learns that the coin is in fact very valuable; its market price is one hundred and fifty thousand dollars according to its owner, Medovsky. A lot of redecorating can be done with that!